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At Shark Digital, we’re maestros in local SEO. Our shark tank is filled with content creators, SEO technical specialists, and strategists, all committed to helping you brand dominate online.  

Google Local SEO

By tapping into the potential of Google My Business and other local listing platforms, local SEO strategically enhances your business’s organic visibility in targeted geographic locations. This approach not only leads to better search engine rankings but also drives more customers to your door, increasing both visits and sales.  

Especially relevant in today’s digital age, where 30% of mobile searches are location-related, local SEO is an indispensable tool for businesses looking to expand their local footprint and sales. 

Enhance Search Visibility
Enhance Local Search Visibility

What is Google Maps Marketing?

Google Maps marketing is the process of using a Google My Business (GMB) listing to engage new customers and offer key details such as operating hours, photos, reviews, and store location. Google My Business is a convenient way for customers to search for, contact, and engage with your business.  

Local SEO, an integral aspect of Google Maps Marketing, is focused on optimising your maps listing to achieve better rankings and greater search engine visibility. 

As a valuable addition to both paid and organic search marketing strategies, Google Maps listings are especially impactful on mobile devices, boosting visibility and mobile user traffic. 

Shark Digital is skilled in crafting Local SEO campaigns that deliver tangible results and significant growth. 

Enhance Your Local SEO Performance

The effectiveness of local search results relies heavily on three key points the relevance of the listing, its distance from the searcher, and the prominence of the business.  

To excel in local SEO, maintaining an accurate and detailed Google My Business listing is fundamental. The process begins with listing your business on Google Maps and claiming your Google My Business page. 

Ensuring your Google Maps page is well-described, with current contact information and operational timings is essential. Supplementing your listing with images, videos, and customer reviews adds layers of trust and authenticity.  

A successful local SEO strategy encompasses a mix of on-site and off-site efforts, enhancing both the ranking and visibility of your business’s Google Maps listing. 

At Shark Digital, we pride ourselves on our unique and proven off-page local SEO approach, cultivated through extensive research and a wealth of experience. Our strategies have consistently led to extraordinary local SEO successes. If you’re aiming to enhance your local SEO impact and achieve tangible results with Google My Business, we invite you to connect with us for a complimentary SEO audit. 

Local SEO Impact
Local seo

Google My Business & Local SEO Campaigns

Local SEO and website SEO are on two sides of the same coin. The key difference is that when it comes to local SEO, a GMB listing is optimised over a web page.  

At Shark Digital, we take a strategic approach to our local SEO campaigns. Our technical specialists conduct a comprehensive audit to learn more about the competitive landscape, examine its current performance, and identify growth areas. We then undertake a rigorous keyword research process to decide which search terms are the most valuable and should be optimised.  

Once the SEO campaign strategy is established, this is where Google Maps optimisation starts off. The optimisation process requires a fusion of both on-site and off-site activities that will enhance position and page ranking of a business’s listing on Google Maps: 

  • Keyword Research 
  • GMB Verification & Setup 
  • Business Listing Management & Optimisation 
  • Citation Audit 
  • Citation Building / Directory Submissions 
  • Authoritative Article Submissions 
  • GMB Post Management 
  • Geo Tagging 
  • Geo Grid Ranking Reports 
  • Local Landing Page Creation 

Multiple Location Performance Tracking

For businesses operating across multiple locations or franchises, implementing a local SEO campaign is fundamental to driving brand recognition, increasing visitor traffic, and enhancing store visits.  

Local SEO enables these enterprises to effectively target potential customers with store-specific updates, a marketing angle that is often not viable through a corporate or head office national website. 

Our suite of local SEO services includes advanced internal software for monitoring performance across multiple sites, giving clients a comprehensive view and comparison of store performances.  

We ensure clients are immediately notified of any underperformance or issues at individual stores. The multi-location performance tracking system is crucial for setting benchmarks and gaining in-depth insights as the campaign evolves.  

Having collaborated with numerous local and national multi-location businesses to foster growth and increase sales through local SEO, Shark Digital offers a complimentary SEO audit to showcase how our strategies can benefit your business. 

Maximise Your Local Search Impact
Local Search Impact

Local Business SEO Audits

The success of any local SEO campaign hinges on a deep understanding of both the current digital performance and the broader market competition.  

At Shark Digital, all our SEO services commence with a thorough audit to set a performance baseline and identify potential issues.  

This includes a detailed review of your Google My Business listing and the use of our advanced software to pinpoint technical issues and any penalties your account may have encountered.  

Our technical experts analyse the content, reviews, and backlinks of your listing, providing comprehensive strategic insights and recommendations for campaign enhancement.  

Based on these audit findings, we develop a detailed strategy and campaign, specifically designed to achieve your business’s online goals and augment both user experience and conversion rates.  

Contact us now to receive a free SEO audit and strategy consultation. 

Why choose us?

  • Our prioritisation on strategy ensures optimal selection of key search terms for superior SEO outcomes. 
  • Commitment to fully ethical SEO practices, adhering strictly to Google’s guidelines for best practices. 
  • Comprehensive in-house capabilities for both off-page and on-page SEO, with a team of specialised experts. 
  • Consistently demonstrated success in SEO campaigns across a wide range of industries and business types. 
  • In-depth reporting coupled with regular meetings to review strategy and performance. 
  • Flexible engagement terms without mandatory fixed-duration or minimum contract requirements. 

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What is SEO and how does it work?

SEO is effectively a two-fold strategy, involving both the enhancement of your website (on-page activities) and the expansion of your brand’s online visibility (off-page activities). Our integrated approach effectively broadens your brand’s online visibility, leading to increased conversions and higher rankings on search engines.  

Strategy & Analysis

  • Evaluating website content for issues and optimisation needs 
  • Conducting a thorough analysis of keyword search volumes for keyword selection 
  • Setting up and implementing Google Analytics 
  • Examining the profile and quality of inbound and outbound links 

On-Page SEO

  • Optimising meta tags for better search engine visibility 
  • Refreshing and updating page titles and descriptions 
  • Enhancing website code for optimal SEO performance 
  • Tagging images for search engine recognition 
  • Incorporating .robots text to guide search engine crawlers 
  • Implementing a sitemap for easier website navigation 
  • Integrating SEO-focused keywords into website content as required 
  • Crafting SEO-enhanced content for web pages 

Off-Page SEO

  • Developing and executing link-building strategies 
  • Creating engaging, SEO-friendly content 
  • Optimising brand presence on social media platforms 
  • Submitting business details to relevant online directories 
  • Promoting the brand through various channels 
  • Reaching out to bloggers for increased brand visibility 
  • Submitting website to search engines for indexing 
  • Generating manual ranking reports bi-weekly 
  • Engaging in social bookmarking activities 
  • Submitting multimedia content such as videos, images, PowerPoint presentations, and PDFs (when provided) 
  • Distributing press releases to relevant platforms (when provided) 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Google Maps marketing is all about using your Google My Business listing to attract new customers and share key information such as your store’s location, operating hours, photos, and reviews. This tool simplifies how customers discover and interact with your business, making it more accessible for them to find, contact, navigate to, and visit your location. 

To start ranking on Google Maps, the first step is to set up or claim your Google My Business profile. It is important to fill this profile with comprehensive information about your business. Regularly updating the listing with current operating hours, images, videos, and customer reviews is crucial for improving your ranking on Google Maps. For optimal results, we have a team of technicians who specialise in Google Maps optimisation to enhance your visibility and ranking. 

  1. Visit Google Maps site ( and enter the address of your business.  
  2. In the Business Profile section on the left, find and click on the “add your business” link. 
  3. You’ll be then asked to enter various details about your business, such as the name, phone number, opening hours, website, and other relevant information. 


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