Content SEO

The dream duo: How content and SEO can bring your business to the surface

Content and SEO are two elements of the perfect marriage – Powerhouses on their own, yet when combined, they create an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. Without quality content, it’s hard to get customers engaged with your business right from the very first click. But while there’s a certain

Content Marketing Strategy

How to create an effective content marketing strategy

No matter if you are experienced or a total beginner with content marketing, it’s always a good idea to stay updated on what the best approach is. Often, it can be beneficial to take new approaches you have learned and apply them to content you have already created so you

SEO Blogging

Does blogging help SEO? How to optimise your blogs to stay ahead

While search engine optimisation (SEO) is often associated with web pages (homepages, landing pages, etc.), website optimisation techniques can easily be applied by marketers to blog content. In fact, we strongly recommend optimising your blog posts, since it’s a great way to enhance your customer base. This is because blogs

Why People Likes Memes

Why Do People Like Memes on Social Media?

Few would have ever considered the idea of adding text to an image as something that would spawn a 21st Century phenomenon. Simply by taking a picture out of context, the meme was born. Whether by accident or design, there is no question that it has become one of the most

Landing Pages Description

What is a landing page and how do you use it?

Landing pages are simple to understand, but hard to master and make effective for your website. Fundamentally, a landing page is designed to funnel a visitor into becoming a conversion and are a well-established digital marketing tactic. It’s all about getting the visitor to engage with a call to action

Guide to Snapchat Marketing

The Ultimate Guide to Snapchat Marketing

Since its debut on October 29th, 2012, Snapchat has grown into a global phenomenon. After extending on the original app, which simply provided a photo sharing platform, where people could share their ‘snaps’ and feel confident that they were deleted immediately afterwards, Snapchat has become one of the leading social

Headlines for your content

4 Tips on How to Write the Best Headlines for your Content

Research has shown that people are five times more likely to read the headline than the actual body of your work. That is why headlines are so important. It is the first thing your viewers will read and it will determine whether they are interested enough to continue reading. If

PPC campaign

How to choose the right keywords for your PPC campaign

When you do your keyword research at the start of a PPC campaign there a number of different factors to consider – and they aren’t always the same things you look at for SEO purposes. The key differences between the two techniques means that your focus can be slightly different for PPC strategies, although

Is SEO dying?

Is SEO dying?

It’s been a topic that’s been brought up and over and over. Some have claimed that SEO has already died several times. Others have even considered it an over the top version of beating a dead horse. Is SEO dead? And if not, is it dying? As search engines, especially monoliths such

Sentius blog authenticity

Authenticity: The New Key to Success in Marketing

As our media consumption grows, so does the amount of marketing content we see. It is estimated that in the digital age, we view around 6,000 to 10,000 advertisements or brand exposures daily.   What’s more, the impact of such content is minimal. The increased exposure to advertising has labeled it as white

Sentius blog EDM loyalty

Nurturing Customer Loyalty through Email Marketing

The importance of establishing and maintaining customer loyalty cannot be overstated in today’s dynamic business landscape. Among the many tools available, email marketing stands out as a valuable means for building connections and fostering lasting relationships with your customers.    This blog explores various strategies for building and maintaining customer loyalty

Can You Write for SEO and Still Maintain Creativity?

Can You Write for SEO and Still Maintain Creativity?

It’s the question asked at digital agencies worldwide, so what’s the answer? A resounding yes!  You may think of SEO writing as purely technical, which is why many are now turning to AI to pump up their pages, but there’s an art to SEO that can only be mastered by

Importance of Aligning Marketing Channels with Business Objectives

In cricket, you have batsmen & bowlers. The batsman’s job is to score runs. The bowler’s job is to take wickets. Seem’s like a simple concept. If we apply that to marketing, there are different channels, all of which are designed to perform different roles. However, it is amazing how

The challenges of achieving true organisational agility

Agile ways of working are collectively agreed upon by the tech industry, to be highly effective and align the nature of the industry, and its rapid evolution.  An agile organisation can swiftly adapt to changes, respond to customer needs, and innovate effectively.   So why do so many organisations struggle in

Is graphic design still relevant? The enduring power of design in the age of AI

In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing and user experience, one factor remains constant: the unparalleled influence of design. While the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has introduced transformative possibilities, the essence of design’s impact persists, demonstrating its relevance and irreplaceability. In this article, we delve into the enduring role of

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting a Digital Agency

You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to digital agencies, with new ones cropping every day, but this can also make picking the right one confusing and challenging. On the surface they all look similar but scratch beneath the surface and you may discover an industry that’s rife with overwhelmingly

How to Conduct an Effective SEO Audit for Your Website

SEO audit, also known as a website audit, thoroughly evaluates all factors influencing a website’s ranking in search engines. Conducting an SEO audit provides a comprehensive insight into a website and its competitive landscape.    This blog delves into the key components of an effective SEO audit. We’ll explore the world

Targeting Your ‘Ideal’ Audience with Social Media Advertising

What is Targeting in Digital Marketing? Targeting refers to the process of identifying and reaching a specific audience or group of individuals who are more likely to be interested in your product, service or messaging. Targeting is crucial in your digital marketing campaign. As you tailor your marketing efforts –

Connecting with Gen Z on Social Media – understanding the digital generation

Generation Z is the newest generation of consumers – the youngest members of this generation are teenagers and the oldest are full-grown adults (in other words, university educated with full-time jobs). This makes them prime targets for marketers, and yet most companies are struggling to effectively market to them. We

The Client Selection Paradox: How Agencies Craft their Future by Being Selective

In the competitive landscape of marketing agencies, the quest for new clients often takes centre stage. However, what sets exceptional agencies apart is their ability to say no. Recognizing the significance of market conditions, profit margins, and the consumer journey, these agencies understand that long-lasting partnerships are built on delivering

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