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Discover key insights about your website’s performance and campaign effectiveness with an SEO audit. Our unique strategy-first approach and meticulous attention to detail is what makes our audits stand out. 

Why should you undertake an audit?

An SEO audit is a comprehensive examination of all factors influencing an SEO campaign. The goal is to assess both campaign and website effectiveness, pinpointing any issues that might impede your site’s search engine ranking. 

SEO audits are vital in determining potential traffic losses and in identifying if keyword ranking progress is impacted by website issues, penalties, or harmful backlinks. 

An external SEO audit, like the one conducted by Shark Digital, offers unbiased, third-party analysis of your SEO setup, highlighting key problems and areas for improvement.

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Audit for SEO

On-Page SEO Audits

SEO consists of two primary activities: on-page SEO and off-page SEO.  

Shark Digital’s audits reflect this division to cover every critical aspect of your SEO campaign. 

The on-page SEO audit examines all website-related SEO factors, including: 

  • Site map, tags, and URL structure analysis 
  • Examination of website performance factors like load speed, 404 errors, broken links, and mobile compatibility 
  • Assessment of correct website indexing 
  • Evaluation of content quality, keyword density, and detection of duplicate content or content gaps 
  • Review of website usability, user experience, and mobile friendliness 
  • Identification of strategic improvement opportunities for on-page SEO and content 

Our on-page SEO audit scrutinises your website through both technical and strategic lenses. Our strategy-first perspective means we consider broader business goals and user experience. Even a technically perfect website can falter in conversions if its messaging doesn’t resonate with the target audience. 

Off-Page SEO Audits

An effective off-page strategy is essential for a successful SEO campaign and impacts how Google perceives your website. Implementing ethical, best-practice strategies is paramount in search engine optimisation. 

Off-page SEO audits evaluate the multitude of tactics used to enhance search engine ranking visibility, including: 

  • Analysis of targeted keywords and their rankings 
  • Assessment of search volumes and competition for ranking terms 
  • Examination of backlink quantity and quality 
  • Evaluation of owned properties like social media, blogs, and directories for SEO enhancement 
  • Monitoring of changes in Google SEO guidelines to adapt off-page tactics accordingly 
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SEO audit Analysis

SEO Competitor Audits

Competitor audits provide insightful perspectives into the SEO landscape. Understanding competitive dynamics is crucial for adapting strategies and maintaining ranking positions. 

Our competitor audit includes: 

  • Analysis of key competitors’ SEO performance 
  • Uncovering competitors’ targeted keywords, traffic estimates, backlink sources, paid search spends, and SEO activity levels 

These insights are invaluable for identifying opportunities within competitor strategies to improve your SEO positioning. 

Penalty & Blacklist Audit

Being blacklisted by Google is a significant concern. With constantly evolving SEO best practices, partnering with an ethical, informed SEO agency is crucial. While penalties or blacklisting are rare, they can severely impact a website. 

Most website penalties or blacklist statuses result from outdated or unethical SEO practices. It’s imperative to ensure your SEO agency follows ethical practices and adheres to Google’s guidelines. 

Reversing penalties or blacklist status is possible. We have helped many clients eliminate toxic backlinks and recover from negative standings with Google, restoring their organic rankings and traffic. 

Shark Digital has been delivering trustworthy, ethical SEO campaigns and audits for over a decade, navigating through numerous changes in Google’s algorithm. We view our clients as partners, valuing long-term relationships and trust. 

Ready for an SEO audit in Sydney? Contact us for a complimentary SEO audit. 

SEO Audit

Why choose us?​

  • Our ‘Strategy First’ approach leads to the right key search terms and improved SEO results. 
  • We practice 100% ethical SEO, aligned with Google’s best practice requirements. 
  • Comprehensive in-house resources for both off-page and on-page SEO, managed by specialists. 
  • Demonstrated campaign success across various industries and business types. 
  • Detailed reporting and regular strategic performance review meetings. 
  • No long-term, fixed, or minimum term contracts required. 

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What is SEO and how does it work?

SEO involves both website updates (on-page activities) and enhancing your online presence (off-page activities). This holistic approach increases your brand’s online visibility, driving top search engine rankings and boosting conversions. 

Strategy & Analysis

  • In-depth website analysis to identify content issues or technical problems 
  • Strategic evaluation of keyword search volumes for optimal selection 
  • Setup and implementation of Google Analytics 
  • Comprehensive link profile analysis 

On-Page SEO

  • Meta tag optimisation 
  • Refreshing page tagging, title, and descriptions 
  • Code enhancement for optimisation 
  • Image tagging for better recognition 
  • Implementation of .robots.txt for enhanced search engine crawling 
  • Sitemap implementation for improved site structure 
  • Integration of SEO keywords into website copy as needed 
  • SEO-focused content development for webpages 
  • Off-page SEO strategies 
  • Building and strengthening backlinks 
  • Creative content development 
  • Optimising social media presence 
  • Submission to relevant directories 
  • Enhancing brand visibility 
  • Blogger and influencer collaboration 
  • Submission to major search engines 
  • Bi-weekly manual SEO ranking reports 
  • Social bookmarking for a wider reach 
  • Multimedia submissions (videos, images, PowerPoint, PDFs) given provided material 
  • Press release distribution with provided material 

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Frequently Asked Questions

For businesses considering a switch between SEO agencies or initiating an SEO campaign for the first time, we offer a complimentary SEO audit of your website at no charge. 

An SEO audit agency provides a depth of expertise, analysis, and insight that surpasses what automated online tools can offer. Given the technical complexities of SEO, collaborating with an audit agency can demystify technical terminology, offering clear insights and highlighting essential actions that need to be prioritised. 

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